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4208 Delhi Ave
Cincinnati, OH, 45238

(513) 244-7271

Altenau's Automotive is a privately owned car repair and maintenance garage on the west side of Cincinnati. The shop is fully equipped with honest, experienced mechanics and top of the line tools to work on any car that comes in. Come to people who value fixing cars with integrity.


Car Care Tips

Little known secrets to keep your car performing great

Before winter comes, lubricate the rubber weatherstripping around your doors with silicone spray. This will keep your doors from sticking when they freeze, which can cause handles to break.

Check your tires. They wear out for two reasons; incorrect inflation or steering/suspension system wear/misalignment. Check your tires regularly (when you fuel up) this way, if you picked up a nail or have a leak you will know about it before you drive on a low tire which quickly ruins it.

Want your wipers to last longer? Take a paper towel and wet it with windshield washer solution, use this to clean your wipers periodically. Also apply Rain-X to your windshield to help shed water.

Check how much oil you are using. Right before your next oil change, check your oil dipstick for how low it is. This can indicate a leak or if your engine is burning oil, which is a sure tell of a tired, aged engine.

Buying a used car? Always ask for service records. Knowing a vehicles repair history can save you in the near future! Also, check that the ABS, Brake, Airbag, Oil and Check Engine lights all come on when you first turn the key on, and go off once you start the car. Stop by our Shop for a quick lesson to read how old tires are, and how much life is left on them. Bring the car in for a full inspection when you get serious about buying.

What can I do to in everyday life to better care for my car?

  • Check tire pressure
  • Pay attention to fluid levels
  • Service fluids regularly

How can I tell when it’s time to do some preventative maintenance?

  • Note oil change stickers on windshield
  • Act on maintenance reminder indicators on dash
  • Be aware of service intervals recommended by your auto manufacturer